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Skyrim magic resist 100%

skyrim amulet

With my freshly enchanted amulet and ring I had finally achieved magic immunity. The dream of standing in front of a dragons breath without being affected was in my grasp. I began to conjure a fire atronach just to feel its pathetic fireballs bounce off me. As I attacked it, scenarios with mages and dragons filled my mind. I could no longer be affected by them. As the small fireball exploded so to did all my hopes and dreams, I took damage, I was not immune.

The reason is that unlike oblivion in skyrim magical damage reductions are capped at 85%. This means that complete immunity to magic is impossible but it is possible to get close by using a combination of magic and elemental resists. Having 85% magic resistance and 85% fire resistance will reduce fire damage by 97.75%. I have tested all this in game and also found similar results here. The game uses the following formula:

damage taken = (damage incoming * ( 1 – magic resist) ) * ( 1 – elemental resist )

This means that by maxing magic, fire, ice and lightning resist you will almost be immune to magic damage. This can be achieve fairly easily by using enchantment and alchemy. That said, in practice you are not going to want to use all your enchant slots on resistance so ill demonstrate a build that allows you to have a spell school that doesn’t use magic and has resistance to 2 elements (even with the alchemy/enchantment exploits I don’t think it is possible to have 3).

Magic Resistance:

25 – Breton Race Trait

25 – Lord Stone

20 – Alteration Magic Resistance (4 perks)

15 – Agent of Mara Quest

Elemental Resistance (Armour Set):

42 ice | 42 fire – Boots

42 ice | 42 fire  OR  42 ice | 42 shock – Amulet (if you have 2 you can swap between fire or lightning)

42 shock | 28% MR –  Ring

28% MR | free slot – Helmet

28% MR | 17% MR and Mana Regen – Body

*MR is a magic reduction in a school of your choice

The required skills for this are:

Enchantment: level 100, 8 perks (5 x Enchanter, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect)

Alchemy: level 100, 7 perks (5 x Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor) This is assuming you don’t use the Alchemy/Enchantment exploit with the exploit you can get 43 on each element and hit 85%.

For a character that does not use alchemy 7 perks may be too much, if you only wanted to get magic resistance without focusing on a spell school with 100 alchemy and no perks you can get 78% elemental resistance which means you would have 95.6% magic damage reduction.

Now if you wanted to have the most powerful anti magic tank you could also add the atronach skills which give magic absorb:

30 – Alteration Atronach (3 perks assuming you have the magic resist perks)

50 – Atronach Stone which also reduces mana regeneration by 50% and adds 50 magicka

These are applied before the magic resists so you have an 80% chance to completely block any magic attack which would bring the maximum achievable damage reduction to 99.55%.  In practice, absorb doesn’t work as well against dragons but resist does so you should aim to build resist first and absorb as a luxury on top. After putting everything together my dream of having magic immunity is only crushed by 0.45%.

skyrim dragon fire

The application of the above method results in being able to tank ancient dragons with just your beard and some boots

Gale Shapley Source Code

If the title doesn’t ring any bells than stop reading now. Basically, I needed to implement the gale shapely algorithm for a uni assessment but whilst looking around for an implementation I could only find one in python here . The pseudo code for the algorithm from the wiki found here is this:

Here is the algorithm implemented in AS3, there is a difference in the else if part where the “else some pair already exists” from the pseudo code is assumed in the AS3. Also, the last else from the pseudo code is missing since it is redundant.

Download the full source here

Does it hurt to get a wisdom tooth removed?

So I was driving my car and my tongue started wondering around feeling my teeth. I felt a really sharp tooth and thought, thats a bit odd, I need to investigate this. As I was  poking around with my finger the piece of tooth fell off, my heart raced a little with shock and I missed my turn off the highway. I decided that this was bad and needed to be quickly resolved.

After the weekend was over I called the dentist for the first time in 23 years, went in within 20minutes, they said it was bad, did an x-ray, after which they said it was bad and  needs to be removed immediately. I’m not going to lie it wasn’t rainbows and flowers that filled my mind after he said remove, instead it was my friends experience the week before  where he said, “I screamed like a man”. So I was preparing to feel the worst pain of my life.

To my surprise, the most painful part was the second anesthetic injection thru the roof of my mouth, which was only a pinch. During the actual pulling of the tooth I heard the crunches of the tooth detaching more than I felt any pain at all. I had my finger up indicating the pain out of five and I only had one finger up for the whole process.

I’m not sure if I was just lucky or if my dentist was just really good, I still can’t feel half my mouth so I’ll write about the post pain as it starts to creep in 😀

Spelunking thru my as3 art

Pseudo Security Guard

Well I’ve always payed out security guards for being complete fails in most circumstances and this video for me just completely proved my point. The juxtaposition of the guard confidently patrolling the store thinking “I own this joint” to him disappearing when the thieves pretend to have a gun made me laugh. Honestly, I think these guys need guns because torches don’t seem to give them enough morale to stand up against armed robbers. Sure you don’t expect him to stand up against heavily armed professionals but please, it should be well within his competency to stand up to some slightly armed hooligans.

Even though the news reporters comment on the thieves as being “professional” they definitely didn’t give me that impression as one of them tripped through the door with a ghoul like lust for the mac books.

Here’s the video:

The Birdman

Well I remember being disturbed by the sight of the Birdlady in Home Alone 2 but strangely enough she ended up becoming the movies moral teacher. Today I guess I ran into the apartments moral teacher… the Birdman. I was coming home from uni and I was really too lazy to use the secret “sliding” door to get into the apartment so I was hoping that someone would be in the foyer to buzz me in. The last thing I was expecting was to be buzzed in by a guy with a cockatiel on his head and one making out with his ear.

He was surrounded by fog from his smoke and had these rosary looking beads in his hands, I really wonder what mysterious moral lessons this guy may hold or not hold and what series of events produces these peculiar people infatuated by birds. Anyway I don’t see this Birdman giving me turtle doves like the Birdlady from home alone but it would be cool if he could send the cockatiels to bite some thieves in the face if I’m getting rolled.

Updating Quicksilver on Snow Leopard

So the switch to Snow Leopard has been swift and painless but just as I began to sleep easy a time sucking vampire hit me in the neck. Quicksilver decide to crash right after the beta update, which I naively installed without removing my old settings. After some tinkering I managed to find the source of the crash ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/PlugIns/Services Menu Module.qsplugin . The plug in for some odd reason seems to be incompatible with the beta build, deleting it allowed quicksilver to start up properly.

Other than that the only other plugin that is having snow leopard constipation is the calculator module, luckly for me its not a big deal.

Also, some users have reported to have painlessly upgraded to the new build by installing the quicksilver beta before installing Snow Leopard so if you haven’t gotten around to updating your OS then make sure you put down updating quicksilver on the list of things to do before the update.